What To Do If Your Basement Floods

Every homeowner and business owner’s worst nightmare is to discover a flooded basement in their home or building. Valuable belongings can be damaged, mold can occur, and costly repairs are usually needed to avoid long term destruction of your property. We pride ourselves in helping our neighbors when basement flooding occurs in their homes.

The city of Philadelphia is certainly historic, and with that history comes a sewer system built in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This means that when a major storm hits our city, large volumes of water can overwhelm these storm sewers and cause flooding. This risk is even further increased by blocked or broken pipes, poor lot grading, poor property maintenance and landscaping as well as blocked sewer openings. We use the most up to date flood cleanup and drying equipment to make sure that all moisture is removed and preventing the growth of black mold. This work needs to be done very quickly after a flood in your basement, so Active Plumbing and Drain Cleaning provides 24 hour emergency service for these types of situations.

Our goal at Active Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is to protect your family or your business from basement flooding. We also provide inspection of your plumbing system as well as sump pumps to make sure everything is in working order. If your basement is prone to flooding, here are some things you can do to stop it:

1. Check your gutters and downspouts.

2. Install a sump pump

3. Check your foundation – it might need repairs or waterproofing!

If your basement is flooded, you can always count on us to provide fast, effective and friendly service. We will always make sure that the work is done quickly and that your business or family experiences minimal interruption while we are completing the process. Don’t hesitate to call – day or night- if you are experiencing flooding of any kind.