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Clogged or Slow Drain Repair in Philadelphia

When you have a clogged drain, you want a company that you can trust to handle the job quickly and efficiently. Active Plumbing and Drain Cleaning provides all of your plumbing and drain care needs, from emergency services to preventative maintenance programs. We have offered top-quality service at competitive prices throughout the Philadelphia area for many years. Our reputation for reliability and integrity is unparalleled in the plumbing industry.

Most Philadelphia homes are equipped with garbage disposals and they certainly add convenience for food waste removal in your kitchen- as long as they are in working condition. However once it breaks, becomes clogged or grinds poorly, most people are not sure what to do. Active Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is the answer for all repairs or even replacements of garbage disposal units.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues:

The unit does not turn off after the switch has been flipped

The solution: If there is no sound or action whatsoever when you attempt to start your garbage disposal, its likely that it isn’t receiving power and that it is an electrical issue. Look for a reset button on the underside of the disposal. It may be as simple as that! If not, unplug the unit from its electrical outlet and test the outlet with another appliance. If that still doesn’t work, attempt to reset the circuit breaker that powers the unit.

The garbage disposal makes a humming sound

If you hear a humming sound when you begin to turn on your unit, call Active Plumbing and Drain Cleaning right away. This could indicate that the flywheel is jammed, and we have the right knowledge and skills to fix it for you!

The garbage disposal is jammed

This is a common issue. This could be that a piece of bone, a fruit pit, or even a utensil is lodged inside the unit preventing the impeller blade from spinning properly. Don’t continue to run your unit as this may burn out your motor and make sure to turn off the electrical circuit. For a severe clog, it may require removing the disposal completely to clear the jam and then re-assembling it. No matter what the issue is, we can assess and deal with your repair in a timely manner.

Basic Garbage Disposal Care

  • Always run cold water through the disposal when grinding food.
  • Never pour any chemicals such as bleach or drain cleaners in your unit.
  • Check the owner’s manual before grinding fibrous materials such as bones or coffee grounds.
  • Never run put materials such as glass, metal or rubber into your garbage disposal.

And the best tip of all, if you are experiencing any kind of issue with your garbage disposal, call the Philadelphia experts at Active Plumbing and Drain Cleaning!

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