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Clogged Sewer Line Repair

When you need quality sewer services, contact Active Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. People have relied on us for superior drain cleaning and sewer services for years. Our licensed, insured, and bonded technicians provide emergency service and help avoid clogs by creating cost-effective maintenance plans. We provide top-notch work with a high level of customer service that will exceed your expectations.

There is nothing worse than starting your day with a clogged toilet overflowing in your home or discovering your bathroom sink is emptying slowly and emitting an unpleasant odor. Clogged and slow pipes are the most common form of trouble, and luckily for the residents of Philadelphia, we are experienced in solving even the most stubborn clogs. We can quickly diagnose and explain the cause of your blocked sink, toilet or shower drain and recommend the most efficient solution. For simple situations, plunging the toilet can resolve the issue but for more serious ones, you may need a professional.

If your drain doesn’t respond to plunging or even a snake by a professional, it might be necessary to pull up the toilet so we can get to the problem at the base of the pipe. However if other drains in your home are also plugged, it may be a problem further down in the main drainpipes. We can diagnose your situation and resolve it quickly to get you back up and running. We always fully equipped with specialty tools to deal with anything!

A clogged pipe doesn’t always overflow your bathroom. If you’re noticing that water is backing up out of a sink or shower drain, then you may have a blockage somewhere in the pipes. Other signs of a clogged pipe is gurgling sounds, water bubbles in your toilet, mysterious puddles of water near the bathroom or sink or a foul odor coming from the sink. Even in these scenarios, it is always best to call a professional in order to avoid further damage. We have years of experience dealing with even the worst possible situations.

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