Leaky or Clogged Toilet Repair

Almost everyone has had the unfortunate luck of dealing with a clogged, running or leaky toilet. Despite the convenience of modern plumbing in our homes, it can be an unpleasant task facing a toilet that does not work properly. We are a trained professional unfazed by these types of potentially messy situations.

There are a lot of reasons why toilets become clogged. Many families with young children are no strangers to having a toy or other objects flushed down the toilet, watching objects ‘disappear’ in the toilet is a fascinating adventure for a toddler. This situation can not only cause a clogged and overflowing toilet but can also damage the pipes and structure, sometimes causing costly repair issues. Even more often is a simple build-up of residue that can happen over time and use. Often, simply plunging a toilet can release this type of clog. If it doesn’t, or if your toilet consistently overflows, then it’s time to give us a call to diagnose and solve the underlying issues. We can get your toilet working properly quickly so you can get back to spending time with your family.

A leaking toilet can waste a lot of water and make a noise that keeps you up at night. If you’ve noticed a gurgling, gushing or trickling noise coming from toilet then it might be a sign that you might have a leak. If you have a leaky toilet in your home, the amount of water your household consumes can multiply quickly. You can quickly diagnose a leak by adding a few drops of food coloring to your tank and waiting about 10 minutes. If color appears in the bowl, then you have a leak and if you’re in Philadelphia, then it’s time to call Active Plumbing and Drain Cleaning to come out and fix the leak. This will both save you time as well as save you from paying high water bills. We always bring our years of knowledge to the job as well as any replacement parts that may be necessary. We will educate you on what the problem is and explain the solution while fixing it quickly and efficiently. This will save you hours trying to fix a complicated problem yourself and potentially causing further damage.

A running toilet can cause all the same issues as a leaking toilet, and wastes just as much money. Often the solution is simple, but most people will ignore the issue because it seems minor, but it is much simpler to call us to fix it before it becomes much more problematic. We can find the problem and solve it in the time it takes you to call, and then you no longer have to live with the sound of running water coming from your toilet.

For anyone in Philadelphia and surrounding area, Active Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is the expert for all your toilet and plumbing needs. There is no need to face these unpleasant issues yourself- call us today so you can stop worrying about unpleasant things like an overflowing toilet!